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More type on guitars

Been doing some housecleaning on my vast collection of images (just rolled over the 10,000 mark on my Sony camera), and found these type themed pieces. Now to have fun celebrating the inline image display!

Not everyone wants an "O" on their peghead, but this particular Mr. O did. James did this inlay in mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl "D" on the workbench before inlaying. This one was drawn by Susan and cut by Mike.

This is a regular request, a cut out slab of mother of pearl (done with a hair-line saw blade and small drills), refilled with a mixture of ebony dust and epoxy. Susan draws the letters, and James did these inlays.

Susan designed this "DE" for an inlay on a bass with part of the "D" transformed into a bass clef. It's especially cool because of the different colors of shell. Mike did the inlaying.

This one I drew in honor of a good customer's mother. Got some good advice on Typophile on this one! Mike did the inlay in mother of pearl.