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Flock This!

I would normally not resort to such childish titles -- forgive me -- but it seemed worth it this time.

For those of you who don't want to pay for Ecto -- I did and really like it -- check out Flock. It has -- among its plentiful promises of playtime -- a blogging tool. Yipee!


Can you tell us more about this? The site itself is pretty vague to my 1 minute perusal...

Also you link is broken but maybe this will work


Thanks Tiff. I already bought Ecto. But what the Flock, I'm game:-)


PS: Check out Vince's Photoshop Tiff file at the bottom:

Thanks for the heads up on both counts. Ecto's handy little "smarten quotes" features bugged up my link. Quel Bizarre! Speaking of bizarre, that picture of me is very scary.

Flock could be where browsers are headed. It is really slow on my machine at work, but then again I'm running on an antique 400MHz.

how come I can't make a blog. I was an Uppercase member in version 1.0 and told that the memberships are not on since version 2.0 and never heard anything else.

Then my membership date was reset to 0. so it is actually incorrect. why can you lot blog?

What software are you using to set it up?


Window Xp, IE 6.0 or Firefox
sfuckhite' OSX Safari