besides type i am obsessed with food. imagine that. in fact i'm currently working of my first book project for myself it it is going to be a book of family recipes. quite appropriate, i'd say, bringing together food and type.
but all this isn't what i really wanted to talk about. i was at the grocery store the other day and noticed a new magazine by my favorite TV food personality, Rachael Ray. i just love magazines, but a few years back i was heart broken when my favorite design mag, One, was pulled after just one year's run. i'd be inconsolable if it happened again, so i'm sending out a plea for ya'll to check this one out, and if you feel so inclined, pick up a subscription so this one stays afloat and i won't be busted up.
thnx for reading, and as always, please take my rablings with a grain of salt (pun intended). :^P

p.s. bonus points for the first person who can correctly identify the fonts used in the nameplate (i'll send you a gift subscription on me!)


Is it "Ray medium" :-)
Was the photo taken by Man Ray?


Good news Paul, I heard about the new Rachael Ray magazine and TV show about two weeks ago . . . She's backed by Oprah so I don't suspect it'll be that quick to disappear . . .


ONE magazine only had two really good issues. If I'm being really honest, it only had ONE really good issue. It was gorgeous and I still have it. Sadly, it was all materialism and no real substance. Which is not good for me as I'm a shop-a-holic. :^D

Ooh! My mom got me a subscription to ONE when I was in high school, and I was extremely happy for two issues before the magazine was scrapped. It's too bad, though, because I still pull it out once in a while and flip through the glossy pages.

I could've gambled that there were three issues. Oh well, so goes to figure. The team knew it was dying. That is sad.

i'm sure i have all 6 issues of One. what i loved about it was that it was cross-discipline with everything from product design to landscape design, &c. If that's what you mean by materialism, give me more of it! that mag is what turned me on to product design. that's why it has a tender spot in my heat to this day. *snif*

aha. indeed. i did mean that. i suppose the word materialism has more negativity attached to it. i was simply saying it appeared to me as dwell still does. a magazine full of wishlists. but, you are right. it is the magazines that also act as visual stimulation for the 3d world.

Paul, did it have any/much type stuff?


alas, i don't remember any type stuff. but then again, i think they weren't around long enough to really hit their stride. there may have been some (i doubt it tho) but it didn't jump out as being anything memorable if there was.

I don't recall any type-related information.

Oh, I remember something now: is the the mag that started with Eureka and later switched to... what? I once had an interesting readability-based explanation for that...


Hmm, both of my two issues use Minion for body copy. I don't see Eureka, but maybe in a previous issue that I don't have?

alright, it looks like i got me a couple winners:


thnx for playin.

oh and hrant, i'm not sure about Eureka. I'd hafta pull out my old issues next time i head home to AZ.

From the ancient files...
https://listserv.heanet.ie/cgi-bin/wa?A2=ind0102&L=TYPO-L&P=R7942&I=-3 _
Search for "Eureka".

Basically, my hunch is that if One had understood readability,
they could have kept using Eureka (by simply setting it with
some negative tracking) instead of going ultrageneric.