(x) International Contemporary Furniture Fair ad slab serif - Apex Serif {Forrest}

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Here's what I think it's not:
Freight Micro, PMN Caecilia, or TheSerif.
Or FF Zine Slab.
Or FF Nexus Mix.

Any ideas?

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I was thinking Apex Serif, but it isn't wide enough.


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It's from an ad for the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in the Oct/Nov issue of Dwell.

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Re: Apex Serif

Actually, I think this is it. Unfortunately you can't preview the OSF or small caps, but I think that's what was used.

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Guerella, Eric, you're right. It is Apex Serif small caps and Oldstyle figures, with the 6 baseline shifted down. (This work was done by 2x4, and I have some print samples...)

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chester, thanks for the details. I've been on the lookout for a nice slab with all the OpenType trimmings for awhile now. Apex may just do the trick...

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Eric, thanks. The font works best at lighter weights. That is to say: the heavy weights are pretty poor. (I was younger and my chops were not what they could have been.) The Book weight specifically is quite good. At some point, if there is demand and interest, I will revise the font family, and do better. (The same applies for Apex Sans, which is presently undergoing a serious and necessary revision, and is going to be MUCH better...)

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Just bring that new version out :P I'm waiting hehehe

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I think the problem with the heavier weights of Apex is that it attempts to remain truly monoline, and keep the weight of that monoline the same for all characters. So the heavy weights suffer from the lack of optical compensation at stroke intersections, and not doing lighter strokes in characters with a high stroke density.

I like the underlying design and the lighter weights, though, and I am sure that Chester could salvage the heavier weights with a bit more work.



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Thanks for all the extra Apex info. I agree about the chubbier weights, but the Book weight seems quite nice. (Similar in flavor, but not as ubiquitous as PMN Caecilia—I blame Real Simple.)

I'll be keeping an eye out for future revisions...

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(x) International Contemporary Furniture Fair ad slab serif - Apex Serif {Norbert}

just wondering why I've been credited with the ID when I've never even read the original post... thanks anyway.

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you're so good you don't even have to be here to make the ID.

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But not good enough to nail the Type ID Pop Quiz yet! :¬(

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Oooops! :^/

Sorry'boutthat, guys. Fixed. (bows head in shame)

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