Now how cool is that?

It carries number 200 of 200.

Its title page sports 11 signatures from type designers ranging from young up-and-comers to type celebrities: Stefan Hattenbach, Jean François Porchez, Tomáš Brousil, Nick Shinn, {ths}, Rian Hughes, Randy Jones, Mark Simonson, Peter Bil’ak, Eduardo Manso and David Berlow.

It has traveled to New York and all over Europe, from cold Helsinki to sunny Barcelona via The Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic and England.

It is going to be auctioned to benefit both the SOTA and ATypI organisations.

We made it for the community, and we're going to give back to the community.



Brilliant, brilliant.


Very cool Yves.

And before you know it, early next week is early next month. Blame it on a massive name change operation which included a corporate style system, a corporate brochure and a new website on top of all the other work I had to do last month.

The auction just started and ends on Christmas Eve. Don't procrastinate! ;^)

I have one of those! Good luck on the bidding though! See you at TypeCon 2006, Yves!

Is there a version of the auction in English? My knowledge of German is limited to words ending in wurst:-)


That would be Dutch, my friend. Just fill in a high amount of money whatever it says... ;^)

I'll see what I can do about translating the relevant topics. I wanted to sign in on an English-language eBay but got redirected every time I added my address. :^/

My knowledge of Dutch is well, less than limited :-/


I was thinking the same thing Chris, I'd feel more comfortable bidding where I can read the auction. :-D

I have never been on ebay before so I don't even know how it works in English.


They did have auctions in the stone age, no? Same thing, just online. Only everyone bids but then waits till the very last second (literally) to put in their, hopefully, winning bid.

For whoever needs a translation to place a bid:

On the main item page, right to the picture, Huidig bod: means Current bid. Right underneath the current bid amount, the button says Bod plaatsen > which means Place bid. Click it.

On the next page, in the right hand column, fill in your Gebruikersnaam (User name) and Wachtwoord (Password) and log in by clicking the button Veilig inloggen >.
(If you are not yet registered to eBay, I suggest you do that on the English-language website. That'll save you a lot of trouble.)

On the next page, you can place your bid where it says Je maximumbod: (Your maximum bid) and then click the button Doorgaan > to continue.

On the next page you confirm your bid by clicking the button Bod bevestigen.

Good luck -- you've got one day and 14 hours left.

Danka Yves :-)