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Robert Slimbach

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Robert Slimbach (1956-) is the award-winning designer of many typefaces. He started his career in the early 1980s with Autologic. He then did freelance type design for a couple of years, producing ITC Slimbach and ITC Giovanni. All his work since then has been for Adobe Systems. A brief biographical article about Slimbach can be found from the Adobe website.

Among his designs are:
Adobe Garamond Premier Pro and Premier Pro Opticals
Caflisch Script Pro
ITC Giovanni Std
ITC Slimbach Std
Adobe Kepler Text and Opticals
Adobe Myriad Pro
Adobe Poetica Std
Adobe Sanvito Pro Text and Opticals
Adobe Utopia Std Text and Opticals
Adobe Warnock Pro Text and Opticals
Adobe Jenson Pro Text and Opticals
Cronos Text and Opticals
Adobe Brioso Pro Text, Opticals and Poster

Upcoming Typefaces
Arno Pro

Robert Slimbach on Wikipedia