Thomas Phinney

Indices : Thomas W. Phinney (1965-)

Long-time Adobe Systems employee (1997-2008) where he was the initial author (2005-08) of typblography, and lastly Product Manager for Fonts and Global Typography. Currently Senior Product Manager for Fonts & Typography at Extensis (2009-). Frequent conference speaker, often involved in evangelism and technical assistance relating to OpenType. Distant relative of Joseph W. Phinney of American Type Founders fame. Reportedly can be summoned by means of the Phinn-signal. Designer of the typeface Hypatia Sans.

Phinney has an MS in Graphic Arts Printing, specializing in design and typography, from the Rochester (NY) Institute of Technology, and an MBA from the University of California at Berkeley.

For most of his time at Adobe, he reported to David Lemon, and worked with colleagues including Robert Slimbach and Christopher Slye.

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