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Severed mannerism

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Phillip Cavette's picture
Joined: 26 Jul 2002 - 9:33pm
Severed mannerism

Trying to get some weird shapes within the general confines of a modern romanesque style font.

sevman.swf (4 k)
Hrant H Papazian's picture
Joined: 3 May 2000 - 11:00am

This is cool.


Joshua Smith's picture
Joined: 18 Aug 2002 - 2:23pm

This is really a nice typeface. the one thing i did notice is that towards the end of the alphabet, the faces seem to get more ‘curvy’, or they don’t seem to be as fluid as the front half of the alphabet. Like in the W or X… there seems to be more curves in it than any other letters, …or maybe this was more obvious on these two than the rest.

still, nice work!