No Glyph Palette in Photoshop CS

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Why no glyph palette in Photoshop CS or CS2? I thought Adobe was all about consistifying their suite.

I know PS is not supposed to be a type-centric app, but trying to access OpenType* features without the glyph palette is a pain in the pooper. No one wants to trial-and-error all the contextual/stylistic/swash options in the Character fly menu.

* Adobe's ballyhooed format!

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Thanks Mark. Shoulda known it's been griped about before. The responses don't make me feel any better tho.

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Because the OT-handling was so different - some might say "unique" - in each of the CS2 app, I did screen grabs and posted them on our site:

One hopes that CS3 will see the Adobe engineers speaking to each other and sharing their toys.

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I'd actually forgotten about that discussion, but found it in a round about way. I thought maybe possibly someone had written a plugin for Photoshop to give it a Glyph palette. That page was one of the first links that popped up on Google.

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Please note that if you want a glyph palette in Photoshop, you should request it in the appropriate place:

Use the same form to ask for more consistent UI, or whatever it is that's bugging you.

We really do notice the number of user requests for these sorts of things.



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Do you know if there's any plans of introducing a "magic button" to Illustrator that will create logos for you? Many clients already seem to believe that something similar exists. ;-)

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Thank you Tomas! I voted and I hope every single person here does too!

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I vo[mi]ted.


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Me too.

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I use Windows character map. Press the windows key + R, type 'charmap' and blam you've got all the glyphs.

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Welcome to typophile, assume you found this 5yr old thread via search. Unfortunately these are not the same thing. Charmap shows mapped glyphs. The Adobe glyph palettes show Unicode encoded glyphs and unmapped OpenType alternates.

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Just in case this thread gets revived in 2015:

It's 2010 and CS5 has been out for a couple o'months. Now I know there is no Glyphs panel in Photoshop CS4, but what about CS5?

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Nope. The implementation and user interface for OpenType fonts has barely changed in any of the CS apps since OpenType support was added to each. The most significant change I've noticed in CS5 is that Illustrator now (correctly) has Contextual Alternates on by default, which I consider a bug fix, not a new feature.

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Here's the old thread...

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