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Frank Holme School of Illustration

Frank Holme (1868 - 1904) was an illustrator working in Chicago, Illinois. In 1898 he started a school of illustration and hired J. C. Leyendecker, foremost illustrator of the day, as a faculty member. In October of that year he hired F. X. Leyendecker, also an illustrator, William Carqueville, an illustrator and printer, and F. W. Goudy as faculty. Goudy taught a course in lettering and his students included William Addison Dwiggins and Oswald Cooper. The school was housed in the Fine Arts Building on Michigan Ave., formerly the Studebaker Building.

By the next year the school had twelve faculty including W. W. Denslow, best known for illustrating the first edition of the Wizard of Oz, and J. T. McCutcheon, another popular illustrator of the day. Holme eventually closed the school due to health reasons and bankruptcy, and moved to Arizona. He died in 1904 in Colorado.