Trouble with Truetype encoding for Mac OS

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Ok, this should be easy:

I'm trying to get fonts to work with the "save as PDF" in FileMaker 8.

All the Type One's and Opentype fonts I've tried drop extended characters when a PDF is made with FileMaker's PDF generator, although the same page printed to the Acrobat 7 printer works. (This in spite of the fact that FileMaker licensed the Acrobat engine from Adobe.)

Anyway, I find that Truetype fonts work, so I think, weird, but, okay, I'll regenerate my Adobe Caslon as a Truetype for use in Filemaker.

BUT I can't get the encoding to work: é becomes É, that kind of thing. If I generate an OpenType or Type 1 with what I think are the same encodings, the accents work, but the PDF doesn't.

I know I'm missing something simple: I never make Truetype, because I figure OT is the way to go, but not this time.

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I've got the encoding sorted. I'm not quite sure what was going on, but I think it was a combination of operator error and cache files.

I still don't know why FileMaker won't produce proper PDFs with OpenType or Type 1.

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My recommendation is not to use Filemaker for ANYTHING. The program appears to have its own ideas about character encoding which cause havoc anytime it interacts with another program.

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It is true that I've had more trouble font problems with FileMaker than with any other program. I should probably look at using data merge in InDesign whenever I can.

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