(x) Childrens' letter blocks - various {gang}

Hi all,

I'm doing some modeling in Max, creating some childrens' letter blocks for a scene, and I'm not sure as to what font to use for the "letters".

Here is an image of the letter blocks I'm referrencing:


Any ideas what font that might be - or a font that would be a close simile?

Thank you so much for your help



One of those blocks (the one with the C) is ITC American Typewriter. Clarendon and similar fonts would be fairly archetypal.

I was actually gonna contribute a suggestion for once and say Clarendon but i'm too slow. :D Good luck!

I had a set of blocks like this when I was a kid that had Cooper Black on them.

i thought of cooper black too, before i saw he image...
I guess Jonathon and I had the same blocks...

; )