Problem w. Unicode chars and TypeTool2

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Problem w. Unicode chars and TypeTool2

Hi all,

I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here, or even if I'm doing anything wrong. I'm using TypeTool2 on Mac OSX. I've created a new font, and I want to define a glyph for Unicode 0x0141 (L with Slash). The array of export options is a bit bewildering to me, but what I've used is:

In the Font window:

Title: Unicode
Mode: Codepages
Codepage: MacOS Roman

When I Generate Font:

PC True Type

Type 1 Export Options (I guess these don't matter):

  • Make PFM file
  • Make AFM and INF files
  • Encoding options: Select encoding automatically

True Type Export Options:

  • Export hinted TrueType fonts
  • Keep existing TrueType instructions
  • Export visual TrueType hints
  • Autohint unhinted glyphs

Then I go ahead and install the generated font.

The problem is, I have a file which contains a single \u0141 character. When I open the file up in TextEdit, it shows up properly as L with Slash in the default font (Monaco). However, when I change fonts to my font, the L with Slash remains exactly the same, and does not appear as in my font. All other letters (A-Z, etc) appear as they should in my font.

What is wrong with the font? I defined \u0141, so why isn't it being used?

Any help is appreciated!