HELP! movie titles / type for digital video / avid

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Does anyone know anything about importing type and vector graphics into Avid for digital video? I'm helping a friend with titles for her documentary film, and we're having a heck of a time. Most of the type has been done in Avid directly, and it looks fine (we're using Quadraat and Neutra).

The problem is, the title itself is in both Hebrew and English, and I drew the Hebrew myself in Illustrator. We've tried importing the .ai file directly, but it endied up looking very bitmapped.

I've brought the files into photoshop, both with and without anti-aliasing, and then I've added gaussian blurs of .5 to 2 pixels, but to no avail. It still looks bitmappy in Avid.

Can anyone suggest anything?
(This is why I usually stick to print...)

Thanks so much.

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Thanks. I think I may have figured out another solution.
I brought the Hebrew title into Fontographer and created a little logofont.
Hopefully Avid will treat this like it treats other type...

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Sounds like the answer was to bring the graphics into After Effects first, and then into Avid. If anyone was curious...

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