(x) Danske Designere straight-sided sans - MDD {Yves}

thought it was argo - i was wrong .. anyone ?


Looks like Morgan Sans from Feliciano Type Foundry/Village:


But I'm not positive, their previewer doesn't work in my old browser for some reason.

Another possibility is Foundry Monoline:


I checked them both earlier, and it's neither of them. :^/


Henrik, where did you find this sample? That may help narrow it down...

I just found out - it's the housefont of http://www.danskedesignere.dk - for some reason the person in charge of the project i was involved in did not know this at first - but just asked me to use the font if i had or buy it for the projekt - anyway thanx for all input

Hey, could this be mdd by Playtype, the type foundry of Danish design bureau e-Types? Sure looks like it. It's a shame the website sucks big time -- very hard to see samples, or to even select them.

To view mdd -- slowly scroll your pointer sideways over the central image without clicking until you see the mdd type family names appear directly left to the central image (the position of your pointer is tracked by a vertical magenta band). Click and the central image will change to the sample of mdd.

Somebody should talk to these people about usability and communication and stuff... :^/