MAYA ambigram

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I was approached by my soon to be published literary magazine at school to do an ambigram for the mast head. I figured I'd at least have a go at it...and decided that I would like to end up in a scripty/flowing style since the magazine is all about writing. I plan to put a sub head under it, clarifying the magazine ie. Drexel University Student Literary Magazine or just Student Literary Magazine. Just wanted to see what you all thought. I was quite excited about the construction of the M and the overall was John Langdon. Thanks!

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It is very nice. My eye stops in the middle of the left curly leg of the M.


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That's great, congratulations!
For a piece of lettering to be considered an ambigram, is it enough for it to read the same both "ways", or do the shapes have to be simmetric too?

I keep thinking it would be interesting to do something which reads, ie, "MAYA" both ways, but where the shapes aren't necessarily simmetrical.

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AS: Thanks!

gabrielhl: For more info about ambigrams I suggest you visit my professor's website: as he invented this form of type a number of years ago.

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That link should be:

David, I'm a tad bit envious that you have such a talented teacher...

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oi thanks...yeah John is like a mentor to me. He definitely inspired my love for type, and now I get to work with him which is also exciting!

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I think that you could use a little more space between the M and A as the join looks a little cramped. The ball terminal at the top of the M seems to conflict with the one below it, I wonder if you could do without one of them. You could also have a looser swash on the A,Y and make a more comfortable join between the verticals. Are you intending to use it in the middle of the front cover with the sub rotated?

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David, this is very nice. The nice inky feeling in the M and the last A ... I wonder if the A and Y in the middle could have a tad more? For instance the crossbar in the A seems so thin, but also seems to have more opportunity in it.

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I've heeded some of the are two new versions.

Top Version:
• Width of M increased
• Space between M/A combo increased

Bottom Version:
• Width of M increased
• Space between M/A combo increased
• Coat hanger terminal discarded on last 'down stroke' of M
• Slightly increased weight of 'crossbar' strokes that form the A

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