too many faces challenge

Hi everyone, my challenge is this: Identify all the typefaces used in the old CCAC stationary for both campuses.

Some back story...
I'm doing my thesis project on breaking graphic design...yadayadayada...Bob Aufuldish a professor here at CCA made this stationary which breaks the rule of never use more then five typefaces at one time for anything...yadayadayada..Michael Vanderbyl said to name all the faces instead of just showing the stationary...

I don't have an extensive knowledge of the typefaces out there to know what all these faces are. I have found a few: Crafts (picture 2) is Rockwell, architecture design (picture 5) is Scala Sans Caps, and I think Art (picture 5) is Bodoni.

I have some other guesses: Oakland (picture 2) is Bembo, edu and Oakland (picture 2) is maybe in the Clarendon family, Oakland (picture 6) is Walbaum, and that's all I have so far.

Any help is much appreciated.



picture 3
California = either Future Rounded or VAG Round
College = Humanist? Syntax?
Arts = Franklin Gothic No. 2
art = Perpetua Small Caps
Architecture Design (if they are the same face) = Interstate
San Francisco = Humanist? Syntax?
and Oakland i would guess as Garamond, but I know it can't be that.

Can someone verify this?


Picture 1: Bembo and Interstate.
Picture 2: Syntax, Rockwell, Franklin Gothic, and VAG Rounded.
Picture 3: All of the above, plus Perpetua.
Picture 4: More of the same, plus Century Schoolbook.
Picture 5: Ditto, plus Walbaum.
Picture 6: Also News Gothic ("ccac").
Picture 7: Also some Deepdene ("Crafts").
Picture 8: Throw in a little Scala small caps ("ARCHITECTURE"").