(x) "Avalon Hotel" Industria-like sans and '50s Script - Japan Script, alternate Futura by Renner {Mark S, Martin}

Mind blank. Both of these could be custom of course, but if something comes to mind, please shout.

Not Industria, Briem Akademi, Mekanik, Teknik, Tube, or Cholla Sans.


Thanks Ben! Pictured above is my macro shot of the hotel notepad. It's a beautiful mark.

"hotel" is definitely a font--I have a book that uses it extensively. Don't know what it is, though. Stuart's Cocktail Shaker is similar.

Is that one of the Licko fonts?


Are you joking? I think it is an old display font... Ah, yes. Here it is on page 105 of the Solotype catalog: Japan Script. There is probably a digital version of it somewhere under some other name but, as is too often the case, I am not aware of it.

Edit: Sorry, Chris. I thought you were referring to the script.

I think I found the other one, too: If you have a copy of the book Alphabets & Other Signs, edited by Julian Rothenstein and Mel Gooding, check out the constructed alphabet on page 105 made from brass rules. Except for the v and a small modification on the first a, it's a very good match.

there's a freeware font called Stereo that matches the hotel text pretty close, and Chank's Liquorstore can easily be adjusted for the first part

> check out the constructed alphabet on page 105

Which to me was Industria's [uncredited] inspiration...


Could very well be. Industria also reminds me of the type on the cover of this book from 1944:

"ABZ: More Alphabets & Other Signs," by the same authors, is one of my favorite type books. My fantasy career as a type designer often starts with that constructed alphabet as a training exercise. Then I knock out a few of the modular faces Leslie Cabarga illustrates in his "Logo, Font & Lettering Bible" right as a wave of early '90s nostalgia crests, which I ride to fame and riches. ;)

Great cover Mark! Thanks.

Another shot of the notepad over which I've obsessed too much.

Looks like Kg Stuttgart 1930 from Martin L'Allier is based on a sample of that "ABZ: More Alphabets & Other Signs" book, very close too.

According to the author of the logo:

“The logotype is custom and was inspired by two typefaces. The letterforms in Avalon are based on sketches that Paul Renner did for an alternate version of Futura. Hotel is set in Japan Script which was digitized from the Solotype archive.”

So it's not my Kg Stuttgart :)