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Joined: 7 Jan 2003 - 11:00am
Cobalt Data Business Card Design

Ok, here we are. To say I am having trouble formulating any half way good ideas on this project would be an understatment.

If you reference this thread:

You might have a little beter understanding of the logo and such.

Keep in mind that the colors in the .PDF came out quite washed out (the joys of illustrator), if you reference the PMS, you might get a more accurate feel for the colors.

Suggestions Please!!!


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Kyle — main problem, imho, is the little digital doodads
that you created. For lack of a better description,
they are like little digital sperm rising up, ready
to overthrow Cobalt Data.

I think what you have looks better standing alone.

If the client insists on another element…

You might check with a stock-image provider and type
in words such as “database” “network” “digital” etc.
With such a raster element you could have a background
that uses a diffusion dither approach with a subtle
5- to 10-percent tint variant.
(bitmap tiffs are color-changeable when placed in Illustrator)

another idea to try is to use those little doodads
within the letters of Cobalt Data as digital connectors…
i’m guessing it’ll probably be over the top in a comic
book kinda way, but it might be worth exploring…if
the client wants to you to go there.


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Joined: 7 Jan 2003 - 11:00am

> they are like little digital sperm rising up

Haha, I never saw that. I see how they could be construde as such, especially by one such as yourself. ;)

I hate doing this “techy” type design. I’m so bad in this arena, the tech thing just does nothing for me.


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Joined: 6 Jan 2003 - 9:56am

Looks great to me.
I agree with bj about that “sperm thing”.
I would take it out completely. Will look cleaner
and will give more emphasis to the logo.
And center the logo optically not mathematically.
(just move it up a little) Look like it is falling domn now.