Poster Competition on Sexual Abuse

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Hello everybody

There are 5 posters for a competition I took part in.
It was organised for the 2nd Panhellenic Conference
on Sexual Abuse. The theme was:
"No Longer a Secret: Dealing with Sexual Abuse
and the Way towards Healthy Sexuality".

The competition is over (no, I didn't win)
and so now I can show my proposals.

Any comments? (I already know that I overused the heart symbol...)

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These are pretty sweet. I am surprised you didn't win. Just curious - what won?

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I think you put your finger on a problem, aligning sexual abuse with a symbol of love. The compositions and treatments are nice, but I think your concept needs reconsidering, think more about violence, victim and oppressor.

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I agree with timd, your layouts are great! but I don't think that they solved the problem as well as they could have and that's what we're out to do, no? solve problems through visuals. Good effort though!

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I think Tim and David are right. I messed with love...

Actually I wanted to say:
"Love is a beutifull thing which can be a hell when we abuse it.".

We may start from pure love, but then we lose the way
(we don't have a way to express it or we express it violently)
it can become monsterous.

As demons are fallen angels.


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Tim, David, don't take this the wrong way, but I think you're being too Anglo. I think it's wonderful to counter sexual abuse with a positive option instead of with melodrama or a large stick. In fact note that the title of the competition included "the Way towards Healthy Sexuality" - that got my attention most. And you would never see that in the US. I think this is nicely Greek, and the approach that could actually work.


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