(x) Veer.com pixel font - Condensed Gothic {Grant}

Can you please help me identify this pixelfont they are using at veer.com



Heh. I’d better answer this one correctly.

It’s Mark Simonson’s Condensed Gothic.


Excellent! Many thanks! :-)

Wow Grant! Did you know that one, or did you recognize
it just there?

> Did you know that one, or did
> you recognize it just there?

Actually, I’m the guy who put it on the Veer site in the first place. My day job is making veer.com look pretty. And Condensed Gothic is one of my favourite pixel fonts.

On a related note, I also have converted all of Mark’s old bitmap fonts for use on my Newton.


> My day job is making veer.com look pretty.

A job damn well done, if I may be so bald (!). Especially
when I compare it to MyFonts (kindergarten design) and
Fonts.com (whaddamess). Veer is classy, stylish and mighty

Hey Hutchinson…

what about OS X?
do you know if the Condensed Gothic works on OSX?

The current suitcase full of faces that Mark has on his site does not work properly with OS X because it were generated using FONT bitmap resources rather than NFNT resources. I converted the Condensed Gothic weights with Fontographer so I could still use them under OS X and blogged about it here.

I could probably send you a copy of my converted version, providing it’s ok with Mark…

That being said, Mark is re-releasing the faces as Raster Gothic Condensed — an expanded, hand-tuned family with outlines — very soon, or so I’ve been told.