One font, six gigposters: Aesthetic Apparatus, Largemammal Print, Smokestack, The Heads Of State, The Small Stakes

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The following gigposters all use the same font (I think), but I don't know the name of it. Any help would be appreciated.

Aesthetic Apparatus:


Largemammal Print:


The Heads Of State:

The Small Stakes:

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FF Zapata, Platon, Archive Antique Extended, and 58 Rodeo are all based on old woodtype which was known by names such as Antique Extended or Hellenic Wide.

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i made a rough version, similar to this a year or so ago....

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Thanks to both of you!
With Hellenic as a starting point, I did some digging and found Hefty wich I think is the font used on all but one of the posters above. The Largemammal Print “FRANZ FERDINAND” poster I think might use hello_caleb's Ethan font.
So thanks again.

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