(x) "Wearing vintage" compressed square font - Herald Square {David H}

one more time with the attachment!
Anyone recognize?


I think there must be something wrong with your sample format (I notice there is no extension like .jpg or .gif). This happened with a bunch of your earlier posts, I noticed.
- Mike Yanega

There seems to be a problem on the Typophile server lately (since last week Friday) with images. No in-line images or attachments are working... including people's avatars.

Jillian -- is it possible for you to post a link to your image? You would need to post the image to another Web site (your personal site?) and give us a link here.

Thanks for the insight, Unfortunately I can't post the image else where but
if anyone would be interested in looking further, the image can be found below:

click portfolio
click on books
click to page two:
top illustration with type reading, "wearing vintage"

I know this is annoying but if anyone would be able to help me I would be
soooo thankful!


Direct link. {edit: once again Dav is quicker}
It reminds me of Rian Hughes' work (the g is similar in form to Quagmire), but I cannot find a match there, could be hand drawn for the book.

Addendum.: I am pretty sure Ive seen this one before.. ( Well, But of course I cant remember where.. :)
Soo, I dont think this is custom / hand drawn..


Herald Square (solotype)

thanks so much,
do you know where this font could be purchased?

Rotodesign's Squareville.

Also of interest: Daleys Gothic