Dear Adobe

Dear Adobe,

Congratulations on your sweet purchase! Now that the merger is complete, please be kind to Macromedia.

Fireworks is 100x better than ImageReady. So make sure you know which limb to amputate before the anesthesiologist arrives.

Oh, and in case it wasn't clear, Golive is teh suk. Dreamweaver is the good one... Chop accordingly.

Keep Photoshop for photo editing and Fireworks for web production. You put the PHOTO in Photoshop, now don't make it EVERYTHINGshop.

Don't try to turn SWF into a giant PDF engine. PDF is cool and SWF is cool, but for different reasons. If the twain meet, just make sure it's a good idea first, okay.

Cheers, and many happy ROIs!


May I instantly second the 'Fireworks' remark..
I love it and I sure as hell will miss it, if they decide to 'amputate' it..

I also will deeply miss 'Freehand', but I think this part is already history, sadly enough..

Viva la Macromedia.. :)


I'm a Fireworks fan, too. I use it for all my site graphics and gif animation. My only complaint (well, only big complaint) is that it is not OpenType-aware, which makes it hard to use for making samples of OpenType fonts on my site, for example.

OpenType-awareness... now there's a plus of the acquisition. Hopefully we'll see this across their entire armada of products.