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StellBlack(school project)

I am designing a typeface called ‘StellBlack’. Any comments on these glyphs, or anything else about the face, would be most appreciated everybody.

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This is a sweet, fun, naïve font, and I like it. Some of the crazy inconsistency is charming, but I would evaluate the following:
_ Why are the counters of the B, P, and R circles? Look at D, O, U. These glyphs are more successful.
_ The thins of the C, G, J, and S are thinner than the thins of D, E, O, etc.
_ I love how wack the V is, but wonder if an inverse of the A might not be more consistent.
_ I love how wack the M is, and wouldn't change it.
_ The circle in the G is lower, which gives you permission to lower the circles in A and F; they need it.

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I really like the G ... a lot. Do you need the white outlines in the other letters using a circle?

I'd agree with Chester's comments about D - O - U
I'm not sure I agree with the M or the V ... and N - L seem a little wide
The S needs more curve finessing