NeonGigi-Medium - My first typeface (Grph 152)

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Hello All-

I'm brand new to the site, and to type design. I currently am studying how to design my own typeface based off of my handwriting, and would love to get some feedback from experienced designers.

The attached sample is a work in progress and I have noted that I need to delete the leaders on each letter for better spacing and open up some of my counters to increase legibility. What else does anyone see? What features should I be looking at and modifying to make it more legible.

Thank you in advance-
Giovanna Ghio
CCSF - Grph 152

Grph152_SpecSht_NeonGigi.pdf33.19 KB
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giovanna, welcome to Typophile.

can you show us some sample words set in this? and maybe you could post this as an inline image so it's more accessible for people to critique.

the e, f, k, l, and y, among others, need to be opened up, imo. I'm not sure if you want some of the characters to be darker than others ... if not, the p and q and g feel too dark ... the J and the i and the j feel too light.

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