(x) Conqueror logo - TF Forever {Stephen}

Hello folks,
Anyone know what this typeface is? WhatTheFont & Identifont can't pick it.
SkyRocket Design


Some version of Frutiger Light? Also has a lot in common with Antique Olive Light.

It's Forever from Treacyfaces. Wish I had a better sample to show you. If you get in touch with Joe, ask him to resell through FontShop, Veer or MyFonts who can offer better web previews of his fine collection.

Forever! I was thinking it was some new release font. Thank you Stephen. Interestingly, it's not available through MyFonts anymore. Maybe that's why WTF couldn't pick it?

Was it ever?

There was a time when Joe sold many of his fonts through the Agfa Creative Alliance Partners, but no longer. I don't think any other resellers have carried the Treacyfaces fonts. Since we still can't post images in our replies (Aaarghhh!!), I could set up a page to show samples of Forever that came with the Creative Alliance Partners Library collection CD. Let me know if you want to see complete samples of selected fonts in the Forever family, which has two versions, eight weights of each and italics for all of them.

- Mike Yanega

Mike, you actually can post images in your replies again (Yaaaayyyyy!!)