(x) 70s fat didone - Pistilli Roman (similar to Didoni) {Yves, Stephen}

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i'm sure this is a super easy one to identity, or is it hand drawn by lubalin?

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You could get close-ish with Fat Face from URW.

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It also looks a lot like ITC Milano Roman, which Herb Lubalin would have probably have used, although it was designed by Tom Carnase and Ronnie Bonder. It has ampersands similar to both in the graphic, and a similar exclamation mark. I have it in the old Letterpress 5.0 CD from Image Club Graphics. Don't know if anyone still carries it.

- Mike Yanega

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You might like Carousel or Didoni.

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This might be yet another sighting of Pistilli Roman.
One previous sighting with a scan by the inimitable Mark Simonson can be found here.

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Pistilli Roman

That's what I was going to say, before I finished reading the thread. :-)

A very close alternative is Phil Martin's version of Pistilli Roman called Didoni. Ironically, the slew of alternate characters he did which made his version different are not present in the URW digitization. The ampersand in the sample, which was an alternate in both Pistilli Roman and Didoni, is also not present.

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