72 point typo

When the AIGA screws up at 72 point it should be documented. AIGA does everything perfectly, so this anomaly reminds me they're only mortal. =^p


Maybe it's an Old English-Southern mash-up...
like a cross between y'all and thou.

Th'all shalt not be ashamed to make mistakes, ya hear?

This is great! :)

Though there are very very few results when searching Google for the phrase "Thall Shalt Not" but "Thall Shall Not" returns over 620 results!

Where "thall" comes from I couldn't find, but somehow it made it's way into semi-popular use. :-|

Hey Norbert.
Found this. Probably from the early fifteenth century
< thall: over, beyond, Irish thall, Old Irish thall, tall: *t-all,>

Maybe it’s an Old English-Southern mash-up…


Perhaps this refers to someone named "Thall", who likes other people's money. After all, if it was "Thou", it should be either "thy" or "thine". And "cheque", come to think of it.

Go big, or go home. :^) If one is to make a mistake it might as well be huge and noticeable. :^D

Thall is just the guy who's secretly doing intercepted jobs coming your way, that's why he's getting your pay check and not ashamed about it.

The snippet from Google hit #10 tickled my funnybone:

Which echoes the commandments “Thall shall have no God’s before me,” “Thall shall
not take the Lord’s name in vane,”


this is SO hilarious.
what is the AIGA document for?


Thall must be a guy from Thallium, the stuff they use when I get a stress test :-)



I have to admit to using Google to research a spelling as it's sometimes a faster starting place than the dictionary (especially when digital dictionaries return nothing). For example, search for "ven diagram" and you get 18,000 results. Then if you search the correct spelling, "Venn diagram" you get 558,000 results. I'm sure it's not 100% reliable, but it's good when you don't have a clue.

It's like polling the audience in Who Wants to be a Millionaire. =P

"thou shalt not" yields 1.2 million results
"thall shalt not" yields 558 results


Lest anyone think I'm an AIGA basher (nay, I'm a paying member, else why would I receive their mailings) I should say that the AIGA deserves a lot of credit. Who else could be a non-profit and maintain the image they've created with the budgets they have. Seriously.

> Lest anyone think I’m an AIGA basher

Actually, I didn't really think of this post as anti-AIGA-ism. Seriously, who doesn't enjoy pointing out someone else's mistakes? :)

To put my own shameful moment into the ring:
On a big marketing kit project, I once misspelled part of the client's name on the kit label. Fortunately, a co-worker caught the mistake (AFTER they were printed, but BEFORE they were applied) and we were able to fix it.

But believe me, it took a LONG time to live down the 'Infastucture' incident.

Where I used to work we did stuff for a local university's College of Architecture. My colleague designed a poster reading "ARCHITECURE". Which was a typo, but the kind of typo you can claim was purposeful.

Ooo. Nice. I call those happy accidents.

"My colleague designed a poster reading “ARCHITECURE”"

Maybe he should become a patient of Frank Lloyd Wright who would have said:
"Take two elevations and call me in the morning."



I once carved the word TYPOPILE into a pumpkin. An unhappy accident. I had it all complete, was super happy with it and then my neighbor pointed it out to me only after it was lit. LOL.

Joe, I use Google for spell-checking all the time. Besides its ability to help with stuff that's not in dictionaries (including multi-word terms) it actually suggests the correct (or at least most common) spelling - wonderful stuff.

> Lest anyone think I’m an AIGA basher

It's only when you think little of something that you ignore its faults.