What books?

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Hi guys. This is my first post here, but i have been sneaking around for some time.

I have done graphic design for ages. I have always had a special love for typedesign. By now i have reached the age og 30 where restlessness decrease, and the time to deepen into the the world of typographic perfectionism.

The last year i have done some designs and some half done font sets in Fontlab. As i haven't been drawing the last 10 years i have done my designs in Illustrator but it's not satisfying to see how creativity "stock" in the tool-palette.

I want to start all over. Re-invent my drawing skills and learn to draw type the hard way. What books should i go after. I have already ordered "Learn Fontlab Fast" for the "Production" part, but i need a good book or two dealing with composition and design in the drawing phase.

I really hope you guys (i am sure you can) can help me go rookie again :)

Best regards

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This is a reasonable place to start. The wiki has some suggestions.

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