Looking for typefaces with b without tail

Can anyone suggest types that have no tail to the lower case b. I can only think of Rotis.

Thank you


I know we had that exact question once in a previous thread, but finding it will be a bitch.

Times, Gill Sans, Bembo, Plantin, Bauhaus, Pump. Is there any particular style you have in mind?

Galliard, Olympian.

Aster, Cochin, most serif face italics.


Fedra, Scala, Auto, Dolly, Thesis.

This sort of question is often nicely answered via Rookledge's
Typefinder, although it's kinda long-in-tooth now.


Dax, Schmalhans, Sari by Hans Reichel.

My newest project, which we are still developing, is a Serif Font ID Guide. It happens that the 'b' is one of the 12 key letters. If you select that characteristic on the Search page (link), you will get a list of 257 fonts that have this type of 'b'. There will be samples for some of them, but we are still populating the Guide with illustrations.

- Mike Yanega

As I said, the Guide is still in development. It looks like the subsequent search results pages have invalid addresses with the new version of the page. Sorry.

My friend, who is helping with the page design, is in Germany, and our communication time window makes it a bit hard to communicate quickly about problems.

- Mike Yanega

Wow Mike, useful!


I'm afraid it is not as useful as it should be, with some things still not working, and almost 60% of the samples needing to be generated, but I am excited about this as an ID tool. Just over 900 font families are described at this point.

- Mike Yanega

"Just over 900 font families are described at this point"

Soon you will be ready for one of those McDonalds signs :-)


:-) Yes, I like that! (the number is 914 as of today).

The problem yesterday with the addional Search Results pages has been fixed, so now you can see the whole list of fonts with this kind of 'b'. You will have the designer and foundry information, even if no sample image is available yet.

- Mike Yanega