Dutch Dime Typography

Can anyone point me to the font of the numbers ('25') on this old Dutch dime?


I really don't think this is a "font" - this is most probably custom lettering.

That might well be - the design is about a century old. For this project I don't need an exact match, just the language of form. Do you know of something similar?

In case you want to know: the designer of Dutch coins during the reign of Juliana, is prof. L.O. Wenckebach; originally a sculptor, if I am right. Couldn't find anything specific about the fonts used.

Although the 5 looks completely different, you could try Perpetua.

Thanks/Bedankt... I've found some similarities in Bitsream's Arrus, and in Erasmus (a red rooster font). About Perpetua; I see what you mean, it's architecture is roughly the same. Maybe I have to customize it - since of all three I have only Perpetua.

I came across Trump Mediaeval today. Perhaps this font can be an alternative for the Dutch Dime typography.

Jan van Krimpen designed stamps with similar figures, DTL's recreation of Van Krimpen's Haarlemmer may be something to look at even though it's not at all an exact match.