(x) Citibank print ad tech sans - OCRK Square {Norbert}

This font is from a Citibank print ad, anyone know the name of it?


I believe it's OCRK Bold Square by Joe Kral.

I just edited the link and sample from regular to bold.

Not Lineto stuff. "I was wrong... this changes everything" :P

Thanks...I found this:

It's pretty easy to spot a type design like this one:

First -- determine what "classification" the design falls under.
"Is it serif or sans?"
It doesn't matter since either way its MONOSPACED.

Second -- Myfonts.com is one of several font search sites that you can browse by classification.

Third -- Determine if there are any particularly unique characters or characteristics about the typeface, then start browsing.

Total search time: 2 minutes, if even that.
Give it a shot next time. Eventually it becomes easier to do. :-)

I remember reading somewhere that they did a custom version of this for Citibank though.

It actually looks as if they did, Chris.
I noticed a few minor differences, but wrote it off to poor repro... lower case "m" in Citibank version is more open, very slightly shorter upper serifs on lowercase "i" and "l", plus it looks like they at least changed the wordspace to be tighter than the monospaced font.

Citibank's OCR-K is indeed customised. This is another Typophile Type ID Board Classic™.