Where can I get Teleneue font by Hubert Jocham? (seen in Surface and Details magazine)

I know that Hubert Jocham's site is at http://www.hubertjocham.de I also Know that I am not the first person to ask for this on this forum. What I do not Know, however, is if I can obtain the font.


Why don't you contact him through his website? Hubert licenses his fonts directly.

Thank you for the information Bald Condensed: It did not occur to me that he might licenses his fonts directly.

Yup, last one who did that got his @ss booted. By Dav and me if I recall correctly. O:^)

Yea, Be thankful that I wasnt even around this time.. :)

( Nah, I am not thaaat happy about being one of the angry repliers, here on Typophile, what about you Yves.? :)


Hey, it is my job to keep this place clean. Good thing these instances are few and far between. ;^)