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(x) Looking for the font "Function" - Futura {Mike Y}

I've got a colleague who's trying to track down a typeface called Function. I haven't heard of it, but I'm told it's similar to Century Gothic. Does anyone know its origin?


THE ORIGIN IS avant garde

We never even saw a sample of the font, and accepted the poster's evaluation that it looked "identical to" Futura. How is it that you are so sure about the origin? Can you post a sample of "Function"?

- Mike Yanega

I suspect that it is 'Futura' by another name in a 'bargain' collection of re-named 'borrowed' designs. Just a guess, but we have all seen these kinds of font packages.

- Mike Yanega

You're correct. It seems identical to Futura but with different sizes and kerning.

Maybe you can sway your colleague to use the real Futura?


Indeed. She's now using Futura STD.