daily telegraph serif

Custom font probably. Beautiful design. Any idea who did it?
PS. Any substitutes [apart from Basillia]?


Kind of reminds me of Ricardo Santos' brand new Atlantica.

Yes, but missing that extremal forceful xheight.

'Esta', by Dino dos Santos, may be a ( beautiful ) alternate..


Both Atlantica and Esta are OK.
However I'm actually looking for something that would be less nostalgic and more straight and newsy. Large xheight and ability to be tightly kerned is a must.
The Daily Teleraph font is perfect because it's less romantic than Basilia* and it's more sexy than Palatino* while keeping elegant vertical accent of Fenice*.
Do you think I won't finf alternate?
*just examples

Nicholas from ShinnType. The vertical stress is missing, but it could be seen as newsy for display purposes.