(x) The Da Vinci Code movie logo - Penumbra {Stephen}

Trying to figure out the typeface used in the logo for the upcoming Da Vinci Code movie:



Penumbra, flipped V for the A.

I agree that this is Penumbra (based on the C serifs), but ITC Elan is also very close, and possibly a bit less expensive.

- Mike Yanega

...and also more '70s. ;)

Kind of off-topic, but also sort of on topic: I helped John Langdon with a proposal while he was doing work for this movie, he created a logo for the movie name and I have yet to see it in any of the previews, I comped up his work into the real situation he was proposing to the creators of the movie. I'm wondering if they're just holding out or using it for content inside the movie in the situation John proposed rather than the actual title? I guess I'll have to wait and see the movie.

Was it a different font from the one on the page we saw for this thread (Penumbra)?

- Mike Yanega