(x) American Golf UK logo - Akzidenz-Grotesk (customised) {Mike Y}

Anyone have any ideas what this is?

The Identifont online thingy came close, but no cigar.


Cut up / f*cked up 'DIN'.?
( And, Let me add, Thats one mighty ugly logo type.. :)



And indeed. :^)

Looks like someone was trying to Daxize their DIN.

It looks like they've made a whole font of it.

Great spot Dav, although there's something about the slope across the middle of the "s" that isn't quite the same as DIN.

sgspenser, if all you're after is the logo, Google Advanced Search will find you pages from their 2005 catalogue with vectors of the logo.


Yeah, I realised it was very DIN-like, but given, as you say Richard, the differences in characters including the 's', I wondered whether it was some special/official modification.
I quite like the way they've softened DIN up, but the way they've thinned the strokes on the top-left and bottom-right of a lot of characters just looks nasty.


It is custom it seems.
Further rummaging with Google reveals a swf using the font, which, when imported into Flash, is called "AG Display".
Oh well.

Thanks for the help anyway!

I am not so sure that this even started out as DIN, although I admit it would be a pretty good way to fudge it, if you just wanted a resemblance. I looked at ITC Conduit, based on Yves' principle about DIN 'not-quites', but it is even less like the sample.

You also realize that the 'a' and 'e' are the same letter flipped over. The counters are not the same in DIN. The tail of the 't' is different, and so on.

I believe this is a 'mutilated' font, but I can't believe that DIN was where it began. I will keep looking for a bit, to see if something else seems close, but there is also the possibility of a mixed-font origin, put together like Frankenstein's monster from various parts.

- Mike Yanega

That's your answer! The mutilation was done on a version of Akzidenz Grotesk. (I was writing my response when you posted.)

- Mike Yanega

Yea, Hah.. :) So, it seems they cut up 'Akzidenz Grotesk' to look like a f*cked up version of 'DIN'.. :)