Have pity on me.

I know that some of this is ITC Eras. But, I don't know the other stuff. I didn't design this. I'm only re-creating it. The original was done in Publisher.


*hangs head in shame*

Aw come on, Tiffydear, no need to be ashamed, it's not your fault.

(barely suppresses chuckle)

All the type around the outside is Eras. The bowed A is caused by using a "type-in-a-circle" distortion filter.

Tsk, tsk, tsk. Poor, poor, Tiffany. Poor, poor, Tiffany...

Sorry, Tiff -- I thought since Eras Light comes bundled with Publisher that the other might too. But as far as I can tell, no dice. None on DaFont either (but it sure looks free!) or on the three most likely areas of Mike's Script ID Guide. Wish I coulda delivered for you. Good luck, and condolences.

Has anybody ever thought of a "Crimes against typography" thread?

I know this is a very non-judgemental forum, but I'm sure it would provide hours of amusement, and quite possibly a few gasps of horror. I've seen a few stinkers since I've been visiting Typophile.

Nick Cooke

Sometimes, after giving the client our best sales job on why their precious little "typographic shaped object" should be changed. we have to just do things to put food on the table.
I don't know what the font is Tiff but I don't think you will find it in a TDC awards annual (which is why you don't know what it is either).


PS: "The original was done in Publisher."
A sure sign of peril and loathing always follows this statement.

Let's start a type police... I can't say that I wanted to be a type cop since I was a kid... but at least I want it bad.

—Type police, freeze!
—You have right to remain not typing, everything you type may be used against you in court... tracking junkie.


Sounds like you need type CSI, Composition Scenario Interpretation :-)


The problem is the Type Police would NEVER get any sleep, busting offenders from sun up to well... sun up!

I think it had been mentioned by Hrant, Mark Simonson and Dan Weaver in by-gone threads that being something of a "Type Detective" or as Chris mentioned, "Type CSI" would really be COOL.

Discovering that a slab serif design is actually just Frutiger that someone put boxy feet on would Make my day!

I would like to see Monk do a type detective episode on his show. How long would it take Tony Shalub to kern OCD? :-)


What a way to start the new year. Any chance that center bit was done with a tablet?

Could that elusive typeface be based upon Frank Lloyd Wright's handwriting? That would point to P22, me thinks…

Maybe it is Papyrus?

Nope, it isn't that nice:


Check the local hospital register for an N with a club foot.

"...N with a club foot"

LOL, I got a kick out of that one!


“The original was done in Publisher.”
A sure sign of peril and loathing always follows this statement.

Unless you happen to be an Indian trying to typeset a document in Hindi, in which case you're glad that Publisher exists because it's the only friggin' page make-up software that supports your language.

Tiffany, you have a perfect opportunity here to use some much nicer fonts and say to the client: 'Sorry, I wasn't able to find the fonts, isn't this version quite nice too?'. Heck, maybe you can be the person to justify Papyrus' continued existence outside the tomb :)

Yes, this is one of those jobs that is SCREAMING for a little education. Worse still, the original, as it turns out, was done using an in-house typeface from a rather large card company and so now I also get to educate my client about that. :^/

This is a rare thing -- I'd like to add -- and usually shy away friends of my clients with projects "that won't take that long".

Rule of thumb (or) Code of the West: When someone says it won't take that long and it really shouldn't be any trouble at all, run in the opposite direction. Especially if you client is smiling while they say it is for a good friend of theirs. :^/