Day 12 : 26 July 2002 (3 entries)

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Whoops, how could I have let this one slip by?



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haha, yeah that yellow design 12.001 at top is yummy!

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The dead dog t made me giggle - not that dead dogs should be laughed at... :(

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My vote goes to the yellow design!

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TYPOP freaking rocks!!

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Hi jared,
bombed with work? What about the Tees? (Day 13-18)


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I like the yellow design but the color combination? Yellow and pink is to feminine for the guys is my guess.

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Yellow and pink are smashing colours... even for blokes! it's no more feminine than is masculine...

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"Typop" is the first design I would actually wear. But what is a young Eddie Vedder doing on the back of the shirt?

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Geez, I should just do this site full time...

Shirts coming soon! Today!

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If I could lobby for a shirt it would be TYPOP. I also love the pink on the yellow. I'd buy it and wear it in a heartbeat.

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yup. top one is one of the best i've seen so far. color combo and all. pink rocks.

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That top one is typodelic. (Almost enough to
make me wear a canary yellow shirt. =)

12.002. Very funny...

Nice people, keep 'em coming.

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Ok, so it's more mustard than canary... =)

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