Papyrus need to be put back in the tomb for a few decades.

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Chris Costello's 1983 font Papyrus was a beautiful design and I bought it myself back in the day (when fonts came on 3.5" 1.4 meg discs) it is sad to me that it got so popular as it has no value anymore to me because of the immense saturation. In other words it is good for one thing-blanding.
Anyone else have any thought on the use of overly used display fonts?

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While Papyrus is OK as a face for some uses, it does not have what it takes to be used in a multiplicity of situations. Its overuse is very largely do to bundling and it's not capable of overcoming its own shortcomings when taken out of its element. Times Roman is even more overused and bundled but it at least has a much broader range of purpose and (dare I say it here and suffer the vitriolic barrage to come) it is a very good typeface!

Papyrus is a niche face that has overflowed its vessal of credible uses. That is not a criticism of the typeface, this is a criticism of the people who have used it so poorly--and they are legion!


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>Times Roman is even more overused and ...(dare I say it here and suffer the vitriolic barrage to come) it is a very good typeface!

Times New Roman is flat out a great typeface. But I think it is also not just overused, but misused--eg at 12 pt in long measure on letter sized paper. It is dark and compact and works best in short measure, at relatively small sizes--its original purpose.

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Papyrus is making me barf.. others are nice & getting way over-used too... on the Papyrus road--- BlackJack, Honey...

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"Main Stage" on that techno hip-hop liner should have probably been some extra-bold serif face, perhaps Baskerville or Bodoni.

But Papyrus will continue to be overused for a long time to come. As I've noted, it is the one commonly available typeface that is at once exotic and foreign and also politically acceptable. There is always the chance of another typeface that also fits that niche becoming available enough to provide serious competition. Until then, we will just have to wait.

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I've always enjoyed Papyrus. I don't care about trends or over use. To me anything can look good if used intelligently in a design; even Comic Sans.

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And that is the crux of the matter. I'm still such a tyro when it comes to picking out type for my amassed fanfic library.

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The biggest problem with Papyrus is that is one of the faces most often picked by those with the least typographic skill or talent. The odds are, most of what you see of it are garbage in-garbage out.

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Now, now. Somebody used Papyrus for the signage on the windows of my veterinarian's office and it looks damned good. Done in a sand color with a grainy texture, too.
Keep it walking with the dead, I say.

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I guess if they can use Trajan for movie titles concerning space, why not Papyrus :-)


I suppose futuristic science fiction should ideally use typefaces that haven't been invented yet?

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Just today I was thinking that once a business is doing a national ad campaign maybe it’s time to hire someone to design a logo that doesn’t use Papyrus.

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Gotham and Archer are definitely in the "me too" category. Sadly.

Richard Fink's picture


Just tonight I saw an ad on cable TV for a company - don't remember what - logo in Papyrus!

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"I suppose futuristic science fiction should ideally use typefaces that haven't been invented yet?"

Maybe invented in the CURRENT century at least instead of 2000 years ago?

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Actually, archaeologists are now convinced they've discoverd the world's first type designer from prehistoric times. Amazingly, they deduced this from a single artifact found near the remains: FontLab Studio Version -3456.0.4.

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Richard, I'll bet that puppy was really full of bugs!

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I only ever used it once, but that truck is probably still driving around Toronto fixing roofs.

Richard Fink's picture

>Richard, I'll bet that puppy was really full of bugs!

Actually, it was found to be amazingly advanced for it's time. You could drag 'n' drop any glyph in from outside the cave!

dezcom's picture

OH!, You mean the T-Rex tool!

Richard Fink's picture

Yes! But let's cut them some slack, after all, Ted *was* very young at the time.
(And I hope he has a sense of humor otherwise I can kiss any upgrades goodbye.)
Let's stop before we hurt ourselves!

dezcom's picture

I always hurt myself ;-)

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"You always hurt the ones you love." Didn't an old pop tune put it that way?

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LOL! Yes! The Mills Brothers used to sing it, among many others.

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Wow, the Mills Brothers. A blast from the past. They sang the jingle for the FontLab commercials too, as I recall.

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