Interior Design magazine font

Need help with this, the lower case as well if it is different.



Bauer Bodoni, methinks. Both the upper and lower case.

Scangraphic's Bodoni SH isn't far off.


I've also been chasing this down and somehow it feels somewhere between Bodoni SH(SB?) and Bauer Bodoni by Elsner & Flake. Very close, but neither exactly match... unless there is a display version.
The lower case "f" of the sample is narrower and tapers towards the top more "gracefully" than the others. Or is that just the optical foreshortening caused by the curl of the magazine's spine?

supplied sample

Bodoni SH (Scangraphic)

Bodoni SB (Scangraphic)

Bauer Bodoni, Elsner & Flake

I even looked at Vignelli's custom Bodoni... and it's not it either.
Patty, Stephen... any other suggestions where to look?

I think the Linotype Bauer Bodoni I originally linked to is closer than the Elsner & Flake version. It's slightly narrower, more like the Bodoni SH. They are all awfully close.

I do think the f is foreshortened from the magazine spine.

What is the difference between SB and SH anyway?

I've added Scangraphic to the wiki and explained their nomenclature.

Scangraphic Bodytype and Scangraphic Headline or something like that. With adapted ink traps and placement of diacritics.