Snapshot, 5 Jan 2006

Hey, if the blog is here, I might as well use it.

I'm reading: Mindscan by Robert J. Sawyer
I'm tagging video at: Vidtags
I'm drinking: Hot Chocolate from Starbucks
I'm enjoying: My new Moleskine
I'm working: Way, way, way too much.


I’m reading: Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee by Dee Brown, and Dutch Type by Jan Middendorp

I’m tagging video at: ummm, nowhere. Man, I must be way unsophisticated

I’m drinking: too sugary company coffee

I’m enjoying: not being a student anymore!

I’m working: way too far from my apartment (1 hours and 45 minutes from home to work, via bus, then train, then subway)

I'm reading: Wordplay by John Langdon

I'm tagging video at: Ummm what? I'm as confused as Dan.

I'm drinking: Cold water from the water cooler.

I'm enjoying: Not being in classes

I'm working: on the Foo FIghter's re-release of their album 'In Your Honor' without copy protection.

I’m tagging video at:

Hint: If you follow the Vidtags link in Jared's original post, you too can be tagging videos.

While I am here:
I’m reading: Past issues of the New Yorker
I’m tagging video at: Vidtags
I’m drinking: English Breakfast w/sugar and milk.
I’m enjoying: My new camera and my new camera.
I’m working: on pixels.

I’m reading / I just read: 'A long way down', by Nick Hornby
I’m tagging / scribbling: Sure, As much as possible
I’m drinking / smoking: A bit too much, lately
I’m enjoying: Travelling by train, the sea and quite a few other things
I’m working: For the wrong people :)

Well, way too late, again, but here is mine


I’m reading:
About six books, very slowly.
Oh, and Typophile, in a frenzy.

I’m tagging video at:
You can spray-paint moving pictures?!

I’m drinking:
Too much tea. But no milk in it, ever.

I’m enjoying:
The imminent future.

I’m working:
On question marks...


I’m reading: The Te of Piglet and Nickel Creek lyrics
I’m tagging video at: not yet...
I’m drinking: mostly tap water
I’m enjoying: quiet winter evenings at home
I’m working: in a haze