(x) Triumph Overdrive TR5 PI badge type - Eurostile, Engraver's Gothic/Sackers Gothic {Lauren, Lex}

Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Late 60s

Just noticed they're all different... main one is "TR5" bit...



Hard to tell with the angle/perspective of the image.

Maybe 'Eurostile Bold Extended #2' for "Triumph" and "TR5 PI" ... ?

'Bank Gothic' is close for "Overdrive" but not quite (see length of middle stroke on the 'E').

Can anyone else get closer?

Forgot to mention ...

I do think the "Triumph" and "TR5 PI" bits are meant to be the same typeface. They're just smooshed/stretched a bit to fit their respective spaces, I think. Or it was distortion created in production. "Overdrive" is certainly different, though.

On a quick search, I found another image of the same badge that's more direct (though with annoying reflections):

(From www.allsportsauto.com)

Seeing this, I'm certain "Overdrive" is Bank Gothic. The 'E' actually does have the shorter stroke in the middle.

I'm pretty confident on Eurostile for the rest, also.

Thank you! Many thanks! Spot on!

The 'O' in overdrive is a bit rounder than Bank Gothic however.

- Lex

'OVERDRIVE' may as well be 'Sackers Gothic' / 'Engravers Gothic'


Thanks all for this!

Yves - I shouldn't get credit on this one. Give it to Dav.

- Lex