(x) "Drengene Fra - Angora" DVD cover - League Night, Neutraface {Dav}

I am having troubles identifying the script font here. I know some of you other weirdos can solve the puzzle.


'League Night' ( House-A-Rama ), by / from House Industries
( And, 'Neutraface' )

( Does that make me one of the 'other weirdos' ? :)



I knew it was there at right foot. I mean, very basic to use two House types in th same design :)

Yes, you are a whackoweirdowhateverneversane butreallyfuc...! :) (just as the rest - including myself of cause :)

Yup, vertified loons is what we are. Pray we never find out where you live... :^D

(Jus' pullin' yo' leg)

You know where i live. I'm your neighbour here in Typoville. ;)