"La Gazzetta dello Sport" nameplate

I am sure this is the typeface that helped inspire the Godfather title.

Any clues on the designer and history and if there is an onliine one I can buy?

Oh and pardon some of the dust... I tried to Treshold it in PShop for whatthefont.com


The fonts more likely to have inspired the Godfather title are Rubens and Goodfellow, imho.

I can't pin your exact sample, but it looks like lots of wood type from the late 19th century. The category is generically known as "latins", and since your sample is in Italian, it's possible that it's even earlier, and may indeed have inspired the later British/American wood types cited above. On the other hand, it may also have been a later derivative. It's not all that artful, again imho.

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