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(x) SiGARMS logo - Univers 75 (squished & slanted) {Yves}

Any ideas? It’s for a packaging class. Identifont was way off, particularly on the “G”, which it thought was a “Q”.

It’s usually not spaced this poorly (I thought this would be easier to read), although it’s definitely not going to win any beauty contests even in its regular form.


SiGARMS logo-- spaced out


Oops. I meant WhatTheFont (not Identifont). But you get the idea.

Badly molested Univers 75 Black: squished and slanted.
People shouldn’t be allowed to do that…

That’s why WhatTheFont was clueless: that face has been
mutilated beyond recognition…

Univers? Wow. Of all the faces to fiddle with.

Thanks Yves. Now I have to figure out how to make it look nice. I wonder why they’d go and do that when there are perfectly workable oblique versions. I mean it’s not like they couldn’t afford the whole family…

Oh. 75 is the oblique version. Huh.