Similar, complimentary font to Gill Sans

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I am looking for a font that is similar to Gill Sans, but doesn't have all the overlapping extensions that Gill Sans has in it's italic forms (mainly the lower case "p" and it's little upper right tail thing) does anyone have a suggestion for a similar font?

Thanks in advance!


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It would be helpful if you gave a little more detail about your intended usage, such as -- is this for the development of a word mark (logo) or publication which requires multiple weights (medium, bold, italic, bold italic, etc.).

Some aspects of Frutiger Next are similar, but then again, there are only two weights, Frutiger Next Light and Light Italic.

Gill Sans Italic

Frutiger Next Light Italic

Frutiger Italic

Mentor Sans Italic

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sorry about that... It will be used primarily in a word mark but I am thinking we will need complimentary text weight faces for standard publication usage as well. If there is a face that will compliment in the publication text, we can use that, but it would be nice to have one face across the board.

I really like Frutiger next, but the lack of weights might be an issue. ITC johnson might work too, thanks guys! I will give them a try. If anyone has any other comments or questions, I would love to hear them.

Thanks again!

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Parisine might be nice.

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Mundo Sans was designed for this reason (among others).

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Or Bliss

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Tschichold book italic

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Today Sans. Lots of weights (but alas no fractions).

edit: hmm. It has a funny lower case p too. Pity.

Scala sans and Seria sans are very nice too.

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Once again... my thanks for all who participated with the suggestions. I truly appreciate it! I am still not sure of what one the client will go for, but these suggestions have been extremely helpful.

Thanks to all!


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