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(x) The Penn Gazette text face - Eidetic Neo {Marc O}

Can anyone ID this specimen used as the type for the Penn Gazette? I really love the lowercase "a" and "m" and the italic "z".



Eidetic Neo, from Emigre (originally from PsyOps)

Wow, super quick response. Thanks alot, marcox. I thought it had an Emigre feel to it...

You can also license directly from PSY/OPS. One of the benefits is that you have the option of picking up Eidetic Neo and Eidetic Modern (the corresponding sans) in a bundle for 15% off the standalone price.

PSY/OPS also offers other cool stuff like a free weight for every $100 spent, a 15% student discount, and the option to try out a single weight and then deduct its cost from that of the whole family if you decide to purchase a family license within 30 days.

Word. I already picked up two weights of Armchair Modern with my home licenses of Sophisto and Oxtail, and the corporate-wide licenses for Sophisto and Eidetic Neo made my employer pick up the other weights of Armchair Modern and the frankly surprising and very exciting Hydrous.

The complimentary free licenses allow you to try out stuff you maybe wouldn't think of. Plus -- I've said it before and I'll say it again -- Psy/Ops has one of the most consistent and forward-thinking compact collections on the market. Classy on the outside, quirky on the inside. Melts in yo' brain, not in your eyes. You can't go wrong, really.