(x) navigation on Agent Provocateur website - Zaragoza {Grabbo (self)}

Hey all, I'm looking for the font (and suggestions of similar fonts) used in the navigation bar of http://www.agentprovocateur.com. Please note that this is a lingerie site so it may be NSFW!


'Eclat' may be an alternate


It looks like it might be Notnorval Bold, a Hallmark script.
Alternatives might be found here



Tim, I think 'Grabbo' is looking for, quote, 'the font (and suggestions of similar fonts) used in the navigation bar'


As alternates you could look at
Motter Femina


Dav, I was aware of that, but thanks for the assistance.

I just wondered, because you named 'Notnorval ( Bold )' and the only sample I found rather looked like the 'Agent Provocateur' logo type than the menu type


Another alternative: Bernhard Brushscript

I see your meaning now, the only sample I could see was the small version of the regular weight in Mike's guide which I thought resembled the sample artificially emboldened, now I see your sample I can see I was on the wrong track. I didn't want to download any of the illegal versions floating about to see for myself.

{edit Grabbo you could try contacting the website designers}

Thanks for the help guys. So far Eclat seems like the best alternative for my needs, although I'm still kind of hesitant to make the purchase. I went ahead and contacted Large, so I'm going to just wait for now. Anymore suggestions are welcome!

Please, If you hear back from Large, please post / name the typeface, in here, for future reference, and personal curiosity, that would be nice :)


Will do, although I have a feeling that I won't be getting an answer from them any time soon.

I got a reply! And the wiener is... Zaragoza! Thanks much to the kind folks at Large Design.

Thanks a lot for the update, 'Grabbo'
( Strange thing is, that they used 'Zaragoza' at such small sizes, that those decorative details totally got lost, it seems )


Well no wonder nobody could get it, an attractive face but that size seems defeating its purpose.